Virtual Symposium in Plant Omics Sciences

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The First Virtual Symposium in Plant Omics Science (SiPOS) takes place in The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali, and it is the most important academic dissemination event in the OMICAS Program. We share scientific and technological advances on omics sciences applied to crops analysis and optimization, through conferences, workshops and tutorials, led by our researchers and specialized guests.



We invite the entire scientific community to participate with talks or as attendees to our Virtual Symposium. Works will be presented through remote presentations or virtual posters in the following topics, which cover the challenges of food security and sustainable productivity:


  • Epigenomics-genomics
  • Proteomics-metabolomics
  • Phenomics and sensors
  • In silico Characterization and improvement
  • Improvement of agricultural crops

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Luis Eduardo Tobón (Chair)
Andrés Jaramillo, Scientific Director & PI P2
Iván Leonardo Cepeda, Director of the investigation, development and innovation office, Javeriana Cali
Camilo Rocha, Co PI P5
Mauricio Quimbaya, PI P1
Victor Hugo García, Investigator P1
Leidi Johana Rojas, OMICAS Administrative Coordinator
Claudia Calderón, communication professional in OMICAS


Technical Program

Andrés Jaramillo Botero (Chair), Scientific Director & PI P2
Mauricio Quimbaya, PI P1
Victor Hugo García, Investigator P1
Carlos Arango, PI P3
Julián Colorado, PI P4
Jorge Finke, PI P5
Camilo Rocha, Co PI P5
Mathias Lorieux, PI P6
Fernando Muñoz, PI P7


Andrés Jaramillo, Scientific Director & PI P2
Leidi Rojas, Administrative Coordinator
Janeth Rodríguez, Financial professional
Paola Mejía, Procurement and contracting professional
Alberto Arias, Relationship Director
Carolina Pérez, Consulting professional 


Joao Valente

Dr. João Valente

Assistant Professor in the Information Technology Group (INF) from the Wageningen University & Research (WUR).  His research focus in developing intelligent flying machines that smell and see for solving agri-food and ecology management challenges, while bridging the gap between UAV’s (aka. Drones) and people.

Conference: Intelligent drones that smell, touch and see: A farmer's fairytale

Abstract: Agricultural robotics faces several unique challenges and operates at the intersection of advanced perception, manipulation and crop science. Robotics will provide a key role in improving productivity, increasing crop quality and even enabling individualised weed and crop treatment. All these advancements are integral for providing food to a growing population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have already been identified as a promising tool to support sustainable farming. Nevertheless, most of the existing UAV farming applications are addressed by experts. In order to effectively assist the farmers and crop producers, it is essential that UAV-based systems become more intelligent and support non-experts users in near real-time. This talk will address recent advances and future challenges within this research line